Frescia Belmar is a young innate talent. Her creativity, intuition, musicality and virtuosic playing makes her to be one of the most acclaimed bassists in Chile.

Outstanding for her unique sound: tight groove, sophisticated articulation, melodic playing, refined harmonies and her ability to take solos; Frescia moves effortlessly from Funk, Pop, Rock, R&B, to Jazz and Fusion. Her playing has been featured on several tours, recordings and television appearances alongside some of Chile's most remarkable music entertainment enterprises.

Career highlights include multiple live performances and recording collaborations with Anita Tijoux (Major Chilean pop artist) and Mike Stern (Major American jazz artist).


Besides her work as live and recording artist, Frescia stands out for being a very dedicated and passionate educator. Since 2017 Frescia haves been providing free and un-tabooed knowledge around the world by her weekly "30 MIN ASK YOUR QUESTION" music workshop live broadcast, as well on her "30 SEC TIP OF THE DAY" video series.


Nowadays, Frescia is working on what it will be her first solo debut album.



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